Buy Blak This Christmas!


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Kiya Watt

Kiya Watt

Menang Gnudju Yorga

buy blak this christmas

To celebrate today being the 1st of December, the official first day of the month of Christmas (Yes, I am super hype! sorry not sorry) I really wanted to publish my first ever blog and thought why not write about the blak brands and businesses I absolutely love and Highly recommend you buy from this Christmas.

Now the reason I am breaking it down as to why it is so important for you to support and buy from Blak owned brands is because it is the only way to acknowledge the rebellion it takes to build a business as an Indigenous Australian. 

For us as first nations people this is something our ancestors never had the luxury of being able to do. Our ancestors were deprived of education and were used to work for free, so being able to strive for financial freedom and Blak economic growth in a country that has systemically abused and dis-empowered us as a people, is a huge way to show our leadership skills and regain our power. 

Our businesses are a huge stance against previous government policies made to assimilate our culture.

As Blak business owners we are advocates and game changers! We put the money made back into our own Communities and families, whilst also using our languages and sometimes art to help educate and celebrate who we are. 

A lot of Blak brands use their merchandise to help open up conversations and raise awareness about issues that still impact us in our communities for example
Kristy Dickinson founder of Haus of Dizzy has used her jewellery range to advocate and raise awareness. Through her statement earrings collections which read, (Always was, always will be- Sovereignty never ceded and White Australia has a black history) these three statements are just a small example of what her collection stands for. These empowering quotes help to open up conversations whilst also encouraging consumers to reflect on what they truly mean to us and Allies here in Australia.

We only make up 3% of the Australian population so I really hope that you all can either purchase from these brands or follow their social media platforms and share their products. Even by sharing this post you will help to create awareness around these brands. 

So here are my top 50 recommended Blak businesses To buy from this Christmas.

Sidenote: There are still so many amazing Blak businesses that are out there and luckily due to Trading Blak (founded by my incredible sister Jarin Baigent owner of Jarin street) a social movement calling for transparency and ethical practise within the business space they are easily accessible.  All you have to do is follow Trading Blak and send in a request via messenger. 

Also all businesses listed have a link attached to them, click on the business name and be directly taken to their social media platforms where you can browse and ask further questions. This list is in no specific order as well, just a bunch of amazing brands you need to follow, promote and support:

1. Gungurra

2. Clothing The Gap

3. Nungala Creative

4. Earth Blended

5. Jarin Street

6. Take Pride Movement

7. Ngumpie Weaving

8. Ginny’s Girl Gang

9. Deadly denim

10. Kirrikin

11. Mili

12. Aarli Fashion

13. Gillawarra Arts

14. K-Rae Designs

15. BW Tribal

16. Haus of Dizzy

17. By Danika

18. Litiyalla

19. Kevy Bynders

20. Barefoot Wandering Photography

21. Little Annie bird

22. Noongar rising

23. Dreaming hart

24. Nunkeri designs

25. Paper bark prints

26. Mulganai

27. Liandra Swim

28. Minaku Sista 

29. Ngarrumiimi

30. Miimi & Jinda

31. Bindi Bindi Dreaming

32. Garuwu clothing

33. Indii Swimwear

34. Tradara

35. Allira Potter

36. Leah brideson

37. The Koorie Circle

38. Earth scents and sandalwood

39. Bimbi love

40. Ascension Mag

41. Salty one here 

42. Cungelella  art

43. Bobbi Lockyer

44. Whadjuk Artist

45. Dreamtime Dresses 

46. Hang up my art

47. Burruguu Art 

48. Bidju Designs

49. Gammin Threads

50. Marli Marli 

And Last but not least please feel free to have a look at my shop online here to. 

Remember even if your not financially able to purchase from these brands sharing and promoting our businesses is another huge way to help us out. Thank you and happy shopping!