Meet Kiya Watt

Award-winning, contemporary Aboriginal artist based in Albany, Western Australia.
Kiya Watt is a proud Menang Gnudju Noongar artist who specialises in murals, corporate commissions and cultural art workshops. In 2019 and 2020 Kiya won Aboriginal Business of the Year and Young business person of the year, awarded by the Albany Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Kiya also was nominated and made it as a finalist in the Western Australian young achiever awards. 
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A passion for family, art and culture.

It was through art that Kiya became strong in her cultural identity. Aiming to break the cycles of assimilation due to previous government policies.

Art provides Kiya with an outlet to share traditional stories learned from Elders as well as contemporary stories based on her experiences of growing up Aboriginal in Australia.

Kiya is thankful that her family are influential Indigenous advocates and Elders in her community. As a mother of 3 children, she believes it is important to learn her culture & stories and share it in her art for future generations.


Raising awareness through art.

Art has been a positive platform for Kiya to raise awareness and share her personal knowledge of inter-generational trauma, which affects Aboriginal people to this day. Knowledge and education are the keys to moving forward and bridging the gaps for reconciliation.

Trading Blak – promoting and supporting authentic Aboriginal businesses.

Kiya is one of the founding members of Trading Blak – a collective of Aboriginal business owners across Australia who promote transparency and ethical practices among businesses trading in Aboriginal culture. For the latest info on this initiative, search Trading Blak on Instagram or click on the icons below.